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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Asalamualaikum and Hi all..

4 more days until the final day of the Holiday Love Contest with Dian Bizz Corner. I would like to thanked all those participating. Its been a very competitive entry...need to select the best among the Best. May the best entry win.

For those who not yet sending their entry, COME AND JOIN NOW.. still have chance to win 3D2N at A-Famosa Resort from 15-17th April 2011. For your Info 15th April is declaration of Malacca as Historical City. I bet a lot of intresting event will be held there. 2nd and 3rd Winner will won a CUTE and COLOURFUL Bag Organizer from Just Shoppe, make sure, you all become her follower too ya..:-)

Kepada sesiapa yang telah menghantar penyertaan, sila rancang percutian anda sekarang. Kerana sekiranya anda dipilih sebagai pemenang, sebaik saja keputusan diumumkan pada 9hb April 2011, anda ada 6 hari untuk merancang percutian anda di Melaka.

More info on Malacca Click HERE and on A-Famosa Resort Click SINI

Until Now..HAPPY MONDAY ALL.. HUGS..3X..:-)


  1. hopefully ada chance nk menang... hehehehe.. dah lama x ke melaka...

  2. Salam Syima,

    Semua penyertaan hebat2 belaka.. I nak choose pun pening hehe..:D


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