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Monday, March 14, 2011

Investment in Joint Ownership scheme.

Hi all,

Thank you for the participation in the contest. Still have 20 days left and I hope more people joining. Kita meriah-meriahkan hidup kita, tak kiralah siapa menang siapa kalah, yang penting silaturahim yang terjalin, like old wise say, “ the more the merrier”. Don't forget to read the T&C before joining..tau..:D

Actually this blog is more on business purposes..but I decide to colour it a bit by sharing some information or life experience so that it will not bored..:D. I welcome all of you too give opinion and share info too.

Okay, lets start today by sharing my experience in investing. How many of us know about property investment especially in Hotels and resort?. I received an email on October 2010. As usual it will appear in my junk mail section. But the title of the email attract me to open it. The content are as follows:

1. Keuntungan Anda:
* Tiada Pinjaman Bank & Penjamin
* Bayaran Ansuran Rendah.
* Percutian Percuma.
* Unit boleh disewakan.
* Untung Naik Nilai Harta ( Boleh dijual semula).
* Pelaburan tiada Risiko.
* Pilihan Resort yang Banyak
* Pendapatan Lumayan ( Owner Gets Owner)

2. Apartment Resort Pilihan Anda.
* Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
* A Famosa, Melaka
* Central Mahkota Melaka
* Dunggun Terengganu
* Bukit Merah Laketown, Perak.
* Cameron Highland, Pahang
* Kota Bharu Kelantan
* Dan di lebih 1800 cawangan diseluruh Dunia.

3. Anda Layak……….
* FREE stay 8hari 7malam di mana2 rangkaian Mayangsari di seluruh dunia..
* 8hari 7malam at 50% discount rate di semua rangkaian Mayangsari..
* 351 days at 30% discount rate di resort yang anda beli..( homebase )

~ Benefit layak untuk semua owner untuk setiap tahun, selama-lamanya… ( Boleh di warisi…)
~ Benefit ini boleh di gunakan atau di sewakan..
4. Terma dan Syarat:-
* Pay only 30% Deposit
* Joint Ownership (JO) Scheme
* Maintenance fees from ONLY RM 300 / year
* Installment Over 7 years, all can qualify
* Upon full settlement the sub-unit will be yours to keep forever* We are upgrading our resort, all the buyers will be transfer to block C when it’s ready.

Upon reading the email, at first..I tot it was a scam or maybe a TIME SHARING membership only. But after call the resorts, and make some effort finding some information from the internet and forums,I discover its genuine. After all, they will give you the S&P and after finished the installment , the property will be yours. At the same time you can use the benefits FOREVER. Please understand this is not as same as you buying property..such house etc. At first.. I also think..."kenapalah murah pula? 2 room Apartment tak sampai RM20,000?. Lagi dapat diskaun pula.. pelik.." But after meeting with the hotel marketing and management..barulah I faham..its buying "a Resort aka JOINT OWNERSHIP".

Honestly, I think this is profitable for those who love travelling, and also for those who wanted to invest in property but not able to buy more than 2 houses. Its a 3+1 package.. you get the property + Free Holiday + other benefits. Let say you want to buy the 2 unit Apartment in PD..you pay the deposit + legal fee approximately RM5000, you get the benefit of holidays + RM25,000.00 gift vouchers, AND..the monthly installment is less than RM200 per month. If you managed to rent off your apartment 2-3 time permonth..its more than enough to cover the installment. Some more, you can get more if you do little more effort in marketing, which is you can do it online etc.

Phew..kalau nak diceritakan, panjang lagi sebenarnya.. but if anyone of you out there yang terasa nak invest dalam property dan suka melancong, silalah hubungi saya di Dianbizzcorner@gmail.com.

** 2 room Apartment Mayangsari Resort PD**
Until now enjoy your Tuesday everyone..muah3x.


  1. i went to Legend Hotel for this kind of briefing. Unfortunately, we are not ready for this at the moment.. :D

  2. Hi just,

    I think the one that you went is a Time Sharing basis, ertinya you dapat benefit by register to their membership scheme. Then you can use the benefit to go everywhere for holiday for long terms. The diffrent with this JOINT OWNERSHIP scheme, we buy the property, got our S&P and legal document stated its ours, with unit No. we can sell back the property and get higher price( property price never goes down),we can inherit it to our children, we can use the benefit to its afiliate resort hotels localy and internationaly and the installment is very cheap. The cheapest are RM93.00 monthly for single bedroom apartment..:D.

  3. ya ka? adehhh... sia pun bingung2 jg ni benda.. yg sia pigi tu monthly dlm rm200++.. so we say no..

  4. Salam Just,

    Usually hotels ni, they sell membership based on Time sharing method. Maksudnya, kita register as their member and boleh guna the membership untuk melancong di mana2 rangkaian hotel yang disenaraikan, maybe selama 10 atau 30 tahun paling lama.. I used to get this kind of calls, tapi I ignore it hehe..because bukan selalu kita mau melancong kan.. sometime, cuti sekolah saja..so what's the point by paying monthly for sometime we seldom use.

    But this one,is a Joint ownership, meaning we buy the property from them,for our use or to rent to people pun boleh.. ada S&P etc, sama ja prosedur macam beli rumah. Cuma this property kita tak boleh jadikan tempat kediaman, sebab its for tujuan perlancongan. Tapi kita boleh sewakan, jual balik atau turunkan kepada anak2 bila tua nanti. Apart from that, dia ada benefit2 lain yang kita boleh guna. That's the reason we decided to bought it. For 2 room Apartment in Mayangsari PD, I only paid RM144 monthly. If I managed to get tenant for maybe 2-3 time per month is enough to cover already..because harga standard to rent 2 room apartment in any hotels and resort is RM200++. Let say you sewakan half price saja..pun we get pulangan already.

    Anyway, yang paling menarik ialah..if we go to other hotels (rangkaian hotel mayangsari) tak kisah lah local or overseas..untuk holiday, we will get the 2 room aparment standard. So it easy to bring family..:D


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