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Friday, March 11, 2011

My pray goes to Samurai Land

I woke up a bit early today, already promised my doter to bring her for KFC breakfast at Jusco Maluri. The weather is nice and bright but my mood suddenly change when I switch on the TV for morning news.

** Japan- The land of Samurai warrior**

Japan, the Land of Samurai, and rising sun..hit by 8.9 magnitude Tsunami. The wave splashing more than 23 feet aka 10 meters and its one of the largest Tsunami ever recorded in Japan killing hundreds life and causing massive damages.

** Tsunami Japan 2011- pic frm internet**

This is what happened when Mother Earth strike back. The world getting old and over used. While shopping in JJ this morning, the cashier told me " Saturday is a NO plastic day." I smile and but deep inside, I'm thinking whether its too late for us, to save the environment. I guess lets just believe that, Its never too late to do something. The important thing is the heart aka "Nawaitu". Lets pray for the better future. More news on Tsunami Japan HERE

Until now have a blast Saturday everyone, and for those who participating in my contest, kindly read the T&C before proceeding ya. All the Best.

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