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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sekapur Sireh

Asalamualaikum and Hi all,

As you can see this blog is still under process of Renovation and Updating some icon and infos. Credit to my dear Friend JUST who willing to help me upgrading the blog. She was so creative and helpfull too...:D * HUGS*

I will start with a contest maybe, the price will be a Holiday accomodation. InsyaAllah very soon. Will update again later.

So until now, have a blessed evening everyone.

** Enjoy the view of Lake Toba Medan Indonesia**


  1. Hi nora. Thanks for the opportunity. Pending nuffnang lagi ni. :D

    Btw, let's work together for the contest. :D

  2. Hi Just,

    Sure can.. I wait for you back from Holiday la ya, since I dont have any Idea yet to draft the contest. Maybe I try to Link to other blog shop yang lain dulu la..starting cari network..:D


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