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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Asalamualaikum and Hi all,

I have written about the Join Ownership scheme with Mayang Sari resort hotels and its affiliates hotels. Apart from benefiting from the 7 days 8 nights free accommodation per year, and the discount from Daelive.com for international holidays, we also get as a bonus the Extraordinary Privilege on Revelation Rewards worth RM25,000.

Mayang Sari will give you this vouchers after you paid your 30% deposit and confirm to buy the property. No need to wait for the S&P to be signed, you can use it right away, by going to their website http://www.revelationrewards.com/ and activate your vouchers within 24 hours. The vouhers is valid for one year so you have plenty of time to plan your trips.

You will get a voucher of Free holidays to local and also overseas destinations. The benefit also include spiritual & financial seminars, motivation campaign, Free Medical Checkup and Gym membership..Discounts on hotels and flight rebates also included. Tell me about it..I felt it so Berbaloi-baloi by joining this program. You have nothing to lose.

For those who interested to become the owner of Mayang Sari unit, kindly browse on the terms and condition in this blog or you can email me your question @ dianbizzcorner.gmail.com.

**Free 3D2N to holiday to local destination**

** Free Overseas Holiday with flight rebates**

** Want to try cruising? get 50% discount vouchers**

** Free Blood scan can trace 75 critical Illness**

** Free Gym membership with trainer some more**

Interested? feel free to contact me for further details..

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