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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ceritera Si pemenang..:-D

A'salam dan salam satu Malaysia

I'm not feeling very well kebelakangan ni, and busy juga because so many things to do yet so little time. My current maid is on hand overing process jobs to my new maid, so ada banyak benda yang kena di monitor dan memerlukan kesabaran..:D. Nasib baiklah I'm a very patient person. Other thing is so many work to do here and there.. and that's why lah lambat saya nak meng-update kan blog ini

Yet this morning, the first winner of the Holiday Love contest had given her link on her stay in A-Famosa resort. I'm glad they enjoyed the accommodation and I hope that they enjoy being in A-famosa also. Maybe she can include her picture on doing some activity there such as visiting animal park or cowboy town in her entry next time..:-). However thanks a lot for the Link. If anyone of you wanted to go to A-Famosa with cheaper price on the accomodation, just contact me, fill up the form if can earlier 2 weeks from the date of your holiday. On more info about the holiday packages, not only in A-Famosa , but in other Mayangsari affliate resort, kindly refer to my website or, if you need a private advise, do not hesitate to contact me personally via email or Hp.

** Pictures credit to Dyahaha Blog..:D**

For now , enjoy reading the link from Dyahaha at A- Famosa Resort Melaka by clicking HERE

On 2nd and 3rd winner of Holiday Love contest, my dear partner in crime hehe Friend.. JUST SHOPPE had also publish her entry on the prizes to be given to them. To get a quality BO, Purses and even Makeup bag organizer, feel free to surf her website, you can see a lot good stuff there.

** for 2nd and 3rd winner**

And Last but not least, to all that given their name for my appreciation gift, you will get it InsyaAllah by next week. Thanks for participating ya all..:D

**Saja kasi blur...on my small gift ini..**


  1. read dyahaha's entry. waa.. besarnya the apt! syg nya i didn't won! hahahah... next round k! :D

  2. Hi just,

    hehe ya, besar juga the apartment, sesuai untuk family. If you need anything kastau ja bah..hehe.. nanti give you special price.


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