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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Short Trip to Selesa Beach Resort PD

Just to share with you all on my trip to Port Dickson. Hubby just comeback from Singapore and he text me wanted to bring us jalan-jalan on weekend. So I try to called few hotel and want to using our Joint Ownership membership benefit but it all require us to take leave either Friday or Monday. Since both of us quite busy the week after and I will be on leave on early April to go back to my hometown in Sabah for my maid matters, so we decided to go on saturday and go back sunday afternoon. Beside Port Dickson is only 2 hour drive from KL. So off we go early Morning and arrive before 10 am at PD. we were allowed to check in early due to room availability and we took some time for to rest before went out for lunch around 1pm.

Since Port Dickson is our frequent holiday destination, sebabnya dekat saja dengan KL kan, drive pun tak lama, we do have our favorite places to eat in PD. One of it is Pak Lang Kopitiam located in town of PD. I've blog about it in my personal blog on our previous visit there. I just love the Laksa.. and hubby and Dian love the Nasi Ayam. But this time around, we have our lunch at this new place called " Nasi Ayam panggang Cowboy". Phew.. the nasi ayam is ala- ala Hainan style but what I most like is the full portion of crunchy chicken. Usually nasi ayam dapat ayam sikit je kan.. but this one Huge..makan pun puas hati hehe. Sayang sangat I tak sempat ambik gambar sebab bateri camera low that time.. InsyaAllah next time will take picture.

Okay, on the Selesa Beach resort its a cosy hotel, with clean amenities.. big room and big swimming pool. It also have private beach for those who want to mandi manda laut. Overall I love the service and Dian love their swimming pool. I do take some time to rejuvenating myself after a long week working. We paid RM198 for one night include 2 breakfast vouchers. The Food is delicious, they serve Asian food and western food. For more info on Port Dickson click HERE and on Selesa Beach Resort click HERE.

Until now, enjoy the picture I took there..:D

** The huge pool and building with Minang architecture**

** Dian pose in the hotel and in their private beach**

** Yours truly rejuvenating herself with bubble bath..:P**

Stay tune for the winner of Holiday Bizz corner announcement on 9th April 2011. To those possible winner, rancang percutian anda. Kindly be reminded that the stay at A-Famosa is from 15th April -17th April. For those who working, I guees kena apply cuti on Friday (15th April 2011) ..yang sudah berkhawin kena bincang dengan suami.. boleh cuti ke on that day?..dan the more is merrier.. oleh kerana ini adalah 2 room apartments, anda boleh bawa lebih banyak kawan atau saudara mara menyertai percutian anda disana..:D


  1. kakngah baru jek g PD last weekend. stay kat blue lagoon. casa rechado resort.

    hhmm.. tak sabar rasanya tgu result announcement. mana tau... ada rezeki stay A famosa pulak :)

  2. Salam KakNgah,

    Seronok kan PD?.. Blue Lagoon tu new resort ya?, btw try to book Thistle..tapi fully book sebab ramai orang buat family day..:D

  3. Shame to say that we never check-in at any hotels in PD. Ba, nnt kalau kami mo pigi sana ko kasi sia special rate aa.. hehehe.. :D

  4. Morning Just,

    Buli bah kalau kau hehe.. will giv you extra special price since you help me a lot..:-)


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