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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beware on the Serial Acid Splasher.

** Innocent Acid victim might be blind forever**

I'm sure our fellow Malaysian have heard about the serial acid splasher especially those who live in Klang Valley area. A lot of crazy mental people nowadays and this is one of them. I heard that they targeted on woman and child. See how inhuman this guy are. I pray the police can caught this ' animal' sooner, before more innocent people injured, and worst..someone try to copycat him. If you watch CSI.. you know what I meant..

I get this info thru email and internet. Hope can share with you all on this matters. Like wise people say " mencegah lebih baik daripada mengubati".

Chronology on the serial Acid Splasher Victims.

1. March 2 - Eight Year 4 and Year 6 pupils and a teacher of SK Bukit Bandaraya in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar were splashed with a liquid by a motorcyclist clad in black.

2. March 24 - Two marketing executives were splashed with acid as they were walking along Jalan Tun Sambanthan at 5.30pm.

3. March 25 - A 25-year-old history teacher, on the way to school, was attacked near the back gate of a school in Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad at 7am.

4. March 26 - A Frenchman and his female companion became the 13th and 14th victims of a corrosive liquid-splashing attack by a motorcycle duo in Jalan Conlay about 3pm.

5. April 2 - In Jalan Mantin, Negri Sembilan, a 27-year-old woman and her 18-year-old niece were attacked by two men on a motorcycle 9pm.

6. May 6 - Two women were splashed with acid when a motorcyclist attacked them from behind in Jalan Pudu Lama at 9pm.

7. May 6 - Thirty minutes later, a lawyer in her 30s, was attacked near a parking lot in front of The Mall shopping centre in Jalan Putra.

8. May 7 - A woman and her one-year-old baby were standing in her house compound in Persiaran Titiwangsa when the splasher rode by and threw the liquid at them at 3pm.


This serial acid splasher is of dark complexion and he rides either a Honda EX5 or Yamaha bike with a basket in front. So you should be more careful when you see these 2 types of bike approaching you.

If you are a woman, a girl....or well just about anyone who is staying in KL-you might want to follow the following GUIDELINE here:

1. Always walk facing against the traffic: So that the serial acid splasher will not attack you from the back. Besides that by walking against the traffic you will have a better chance of avoiding anyone who looks suspicious to you.

2. Avoid walking by the side of the road: If possible don't walk at the side of the road at all if it is unnecessary. You will be exposed and make yourself easy target for this serial acid splasher.

3. Walk near the building where there are crowded people. Always bring along an umbrella: This might sound crazy...but I suggest that you bring along a huge umbrella with you. So whenever you see someone suspicious approaching you, immediately open that umbrella to shield yourself from any possible attack. Yes! Just open it even though it is not raining. Best of all use the umbrella all the time. Moreover your umbrella can be a potent weapon for you to defend yourself in dangerous situations.

4. Inform the police of any suspicious motorcyclist: the moment you see anyone riding a bike with dark complexion and looks suspicious...immediately take down the number plate and inform the police to come over as soon as possible. Who knows? Your information might lead to the nabbing of this serial acid splasher!

5. Use as much water as possible: Water is the best remedy to counter the corrosive acid. The moment someone is being splashed with acid (either it is you or other victims), pour as much water as possible onto the affected body parts especially the eyes. Keep on pouring a large amount of water to dilute the acid. Keep on doing this until the acid has been diluted and washed away. So I suggest all of us to bring a water bottle all the time.

One more thing, I hope the authority can implement a rule on which category of people can buy or get access on this liquid (Acid). I always thought that, the liquid is limited item? why is it easy to get nowadays?.. or maybe the attacker itself, working in this " Acid " industry, where he will get free access to get it anytime...don't you think?

Lets pray that this "sick" person will be caught soon.Finger cross.


  1. mmg gila ooo ni urg kan! mcm sia mo simbah acid ja muka dia! Grrr...

  2. memang bikin takut oo Just. Polis belum tangkap lagi orang gila ni. I agree with bringing umbrella even if its not rain, at list can shiled and protect us from the maniac..


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