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Friday, May 27, 2011

Holiday Packages- Update.

Dear Friends,

I would like to apologize for not updating this blog for quite some time already, there's so many to tell and share but masa amat mencemburui saya.. quite busy this few weeks. One more thing, I encounter a problem with Blogger setting. Maybe some of you realise that my setting is un organize.. I dont know what happened..try so many way to change the html codes but cant get it fixed. I wonder what happened.. I don't know if I need to change layout or there's other way to solve it..if any of you out there can help me to solve my problem with this setting..your help is highly appreciated.

Ok on other updates..emm I'm glad that even I'm not that extra promoting my holiday packages yet, and the information is not that detail yet, some sales already in. Thank you for dear friends and colleagues for their support. The Unit in Mayang Sari PD will only open on August instead of May, I just receive news from Mayang sari, so for the time being, I only sale for A-Famosa, Dunggun, Cameron etc as in my info in this blog. I have given a promotion price from March & April, which is.. 2 room apartment at any Mayang Sari hotel and resort unit with only RM100 per night, this is very cheap if you go to their website and click on the price, you know what I mean..:D

**Start receiving reservation already..:P**

Anyway, just to inform that the RM100 per night, promotion will be last on 31st May, however if you want to book with me, the price is still very far cheaper from Market price. Example, One night at Mayang Sari Equatorial Cameron for 2 room apartment might be RM400++.. but if you buy with me it will only cost RM200 per night. However.. the booking must be done 2 weeks earlier to avoid fully book especially on School Holiday.

Okay until now.. have a blast weekends..To all parents out there selamat membawa family bercuti..di musim sekolah ini. Enjoy Holiday dan berhati-hati dijalanraya, ingatlah pada yang tersayang.


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