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Monday, June 20, 2011

Mayangsari- A- Famosa Suite Malacca.

** Holiday- its rejuvenate you to nature**

Asalamualaikum and salam 1 Malaysia.

One of my friend went to Mayangsari suite Malacca for Holiday recently, to celebrate their 4th year wedding anniversary ( Happy anniversary, Just..may Allah bless your marriage in so many ways..:D).

The holiday includes the family and in laws so, the A-Famosa Resort 2 room apartment Malacca is perfect for the trip. Since its the promotion period, they paid RM100.00 per night. Food and tickets to Theme Parks not included.

To read more on her testimonial and activity in A-Famosa Resort Malacca kindly click the link below:

1. About the A-Famosa Mayangsari resort suite.
2. Activity in A- Famosa & Malacca.

For those who wanted to bring family to A- Famosa ( Mayang Sari Suite) resort Malacca, with affordable /cheap price, kindly email me at dianbizzcorner@gmail.com. Try to plan your holiday earlier by email to me the expected date, 2-3 weeks before to avoid reservation failure. You only need to pay 50% deposit and the balance will be paid on the day of check in.

Room Rates with Dianbizzcorner 2 room Apartments.

Weekdays: ( Sun- Thursday) RM 185.00 - Normal rates RM285.00
Weekends: ( Friday & Saturday) RM 230.00 -Normal rates RM335.00
Public & School Holiday RM 250.00 -Normal rates RM335.00

More result on A- Famosa Resort Mayangsari Suite, please click HERE.


  1. Mcm kena featured ni. heheheh... thanks again nora.. for all the arrangement.. :D


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