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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mayangsari JOS- Dungun Terenganu.

Hi all,

Asalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia. Hows your day ?. Hopefully it was full of happiness..:D. Mine?.. yes busy as always. I just have time to update the blog today. My itchy hand tried to change the layout yesterday..and it become Huru Hara..hehe. Thanks to my helpful friend JUST for helping me to sort the problem. I think my previous layout have html setting error. Luckily it solve for the time being...:-)

Okay, the YouTube video above is an intro of the MayangSari Joint owner scheme, which I venture myself. If you interested to join, kindly email me, I will get someone to help you up on the detail information. As for myself, I only can sell it online, direct marketing? naaa.. I think I suck on that hehe..:D

Let me start on the MayangSari Dunggun Resort. Its located at Jalan Pantai Sura, Dunggun Terengganu. If you drive from Kuala Lumpur, it will be approximately 4-5 hours to reach there. You can view more on Mayang Sari Dunggun HERE.

** The Resort Entrance**

** The interior design yang ala-ala Balinese**

Honestly, I'm not been there myself yet, but the sales department inform me there were a lot improvement on the resort to attract more tourist locally or internationally. The interior design is more on Balinese style and they do have massage spa here. The places of interest while staying here will be more on the relaxation, finding and bonding family ties and not forgotten to get the taste of the local food especially their pure and original keropok Lekor ( My Favorite)..Nyummy.If you interested to rent a 2 room apartment in Mayang Sari Dunggun,the price if you book with me will be as follows:

Weekdays ( Sunday - Thursday)

Normal rates ~~~ Dian Bizz corner

RM250.00~ RM185.00

Weekends ( Friday & Saturday)

Normal rates ~~~Dian Bizz corner

RM280.00~ RM200.00

School & Public Holiday

Normal rates ~~~Dian Bizz corner

RM280.00~ RM200.00

As you can see, our price is much CHEAPER. Interested? just email to dianbizzcorner@gmail.com . Kindly inform the reservation must be made 2-3 week earlier ya..No need to pay in advance.. only pay me 50% deposit. The balance will be paid on the day your check in.So kepada yang berminat, silalah isi form reservation dan email to me ya.

InsyaAllah I will deliberate more promotion especially on Mayang sari affliate resort and hotel. I wish all of you a happy Thursday and as for myself I'm flying back to KK tonite and will be back on Sunday, and I'm flying free with my Firefly Vouchers.( Will stories abt it later) until now, Hugs and Wassalam.


  1. Glad to see your page sdh solved. hihihi..

    Free firefly voucher?? mcm sia tau2 sdh tu.. ehheeh.. have a pleasant breakaway Nora. :D

  2. Thanks to you. yeah the Firely voucher yang lama time ada promosi berita Harian. last year punya bah tu. Inda terpakai2, so kebetulan ada urusan di kampung, pakai dulu tu hehe..

  3. btw, u post bout terengganu pnya ni... mau buat contest ka?? heheheh..

  4. Hi Just,

    InsyaAllah dalam masa terdekat. Kalau ada I anounce k..hehe:D


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