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Monday, June 27, 2011

Miracle span.

Hi all,

Been busy bee and dont have time to update, some more.. I just got the blogspot back heheh.. phew.. long stories, dont wanna talk about it hehe.

Just wanna share with you my finding while I'm in KK last week. I take some time to visit Gaya street Sunday Market..its been ages since I been there. I think..my last visit is when I was in form 5..yes...years ago rite hehehehe.. its just that, every time I went to KK, I don't have time to go here..so I grab the opportunity during my short trip last week...

While jalan2 with my brother at the Sunday market, I notice one uncle demonstrating his a product and there's a huge crowd around him.. curious I go and see.. It happened, the uncle is selling a span to clean the cooking stool & utensil. He called it miracle span.

" Ini span semua buli cuci, periuk , kuali yang sudah hitam berkarat pun jadi putih..tak payah berus kuat-kuat..slow saja pun boleh putih berkilat." the uncle explain to me.

I bought 2 span with the price of RM9.00. ( one span RM4.50) and bring it back to KL and completely forgot about it until last night. I asked my maid to clean the frying pan yang sudah berkarat sebab asyik masak pakai api besar hehehe...and I'm surprise with the result. You don't even need to pakai sabun pencuci. Just water and scrub it.

Tak percaya sila tengok gambar dibawah.

** just 5 minute scrub, without hard work, as usual.**

** Inilah span nya.. kecik je..tapi hebat**

Maybe some of you have seen this item before, its okay..I just wanna share with all of you because this is new thing for me..:D.. I wonder if I can get this in KL. If yes, can anyone tell me where aa..?

Btw, got one more sales for Mayangsari Dungun today. Alhamdulilah. Will post about it later. To all of you out there, have a blast afternoon all..:D

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