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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Salam 1 Malaysia,

Busy bee..and only can update my biz blog today. Its July 2011, and yes..hows your June?..mine is blessed because its my Birthday..:D, and yes June is receiving. I got testimonial on the stay at Mayang Sari Dunggun which I will update later in the afternoon..InsyaAllah if tak busy.. The announcement yang I nak buat today is as follows:

Kindly be informed that the new contact no for Dianbizzcorner has been change due to some unexpected reason. Our New No is 0162764527. If you have any question on information of the Mayangsari package or hotel accommodation, you can SMS or CALL us direct or email to dianbizzcorner@gmail.com. However, any prank, or harassment call will not be entertain and will be taken legal action if necessary. This number strictly for business only. please mind you...some people out there got no job to do than playing with prank call. Maybe takda kerja nak buat or mentally unstable kot hehehehe.

Oh ya, sedar tak sedar we already in the half year of 2011. Sudahkah anda merancang untuk percutian hujung tahun anda?..I mean from October - December. Terlalu awal?..pejam celik dah dekat October dah tau hehe..so sesiapa yang berminat untuk merancang percutian awal tu.. I will organize a contest and the prize are ,holiday package 2 room Apartment for 3D2N stay at Mayangsari Port Dickson or Mayang sari Cameron Highland. The winner can choose what date they want to go...but only from October onward. The contest will be announce on 31st July 2011 and will run for 1months which will end in September 1st. So, kepada sesiapa yang telah menjadi follower saya be Alert ya..:D.

I'm thinking of inviting a guest writer on my blog. You can share your stories on parenting, holiday experience , love story or even stories yang boleh dijadikan tauladan kepada kita semua. Every month I will pick 1 stories to be publish, and the selected writer will be given a gift or cash money from me. Hadiah tu takdalah semahal mana but Sharing is caring kan?. Anyway, the story must be genuine and sincere. Cerita yang ikhlas dari hati dan pengalaman sendiri dan bukannya cerita yang tak ada motive ke apa tau..:-D. Sesiapa yang berminat silalah..hantar your stories to me at Dianbizzcorner@gmail.com starting today. I will publish the first story on 15th July, so make sure you send before 14th July. Jangan lupa untuk include your name and correspondence address untuk tujuan penghantaran hadiah. Kepada follower saya, penyertaan anda amat di alu-alukan.

Ok thats all the announcement for now. Hopefully you all have a wonderful day. I'm fasting marathon this week. Still have 2 day to ganti puasa..hopefully no red flag la next week. Chaiyok2x.

I usually buy myself a gift every year just to remind me to appreciate my life. This year I bought this..


**Crocs..walking is heaven with it**

Until now, have a blessed Thursday all..:D


  1. ahah! contest is coming! Waiting here.. ;p

    Hmmm... mau share story apa aaa?? on behalf pnya story boleh ka? means hubby's pnya experience ka... ;p

  2. Hi Just,

    Boleh bah.. asal jangan copy cerita orang hehe..:D


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