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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mayang Sari Port Dickson Progress

During the 9th July.. ( I guess all Malaysia know about the date kan?), me and my small family decided to go for a short holiday, just wanted to avoid the "event" in Kuala Lumpur metropolitan..so the nearest place to go is Port Dickson. We also decided to visit the Mayang sari Port Dickson progress because I've been told that the show unit for 2 room apartment already open for owners and public.

We arrived there around 10.30am and let me share the progress picture with you. I was satisfied with the unit, yet I really hope it can be open sooner so I can start selling for PD.

** The old resort building close for upgrading**

** The special edition unit, facing the sea**

**The one unit Apartment, almost complete**

** The master bedroom**

**2nd room with adjoining toilets**

** Here is our unit the 2 room and 4 room apartment**

** The living room complete with furniture & TV**

** The pantry, with cutlery's and fridge**

** The main toilet**

** The Veranda..Its HUGE**

** In the middle of the building, they will build water fountain**

Btw, our unit will facing the swimming pool. I didn't manage to take the picture, since a lot of construction still going on. The Senior manager inform us, InsyaAllah will open during Raya. I hope no more delay after this..:-)

The price for this unit will be confirm later. So, what say you?..interested to buy?, there's still 1-2 unit available, if yes, send your question to Dianbizzcorner@gmail.com. I will ask someone from the marketing department to present to you on the unit and packages.

P/s: The GUEST writer will be featured tomorrow. Thank you for those who send their entry. What will the guest writer get from me?.. I will reveal it after 15th July 2011. I do wish for those whom are my follower share their opinion or thought here sometime, Bukankah.. communication makes better journey and widen the mind?.

Adios, until next post.


  1. mcm kami interested jg mau invest ni nora.. ;p

  2. bah buli ja bah, if you intrested, I call the marketing people to call you..hehe


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