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Friday, July 8, 2011

Testimonial -Mayangsari Dunggun

** The entrance to the resort near parking lot**

** En. Saiful children enjoy their "santai"

My colleague En.Saiful Akbar Marbur approach me on the Mayangsari Dunggun resort in Terengganu and I said why not..:D

I've not been there before, and I'm glad when he said he want to bring his family for a short holiday trip there on 3rd July 2011. I call Mayangsari and booked the Garden Villa resort and give him a special introduction price. I ask him to take some picture so that I can put into my blog for my readers and he said okay.

** The private entrance to Garden Villa**

To reach the resort via driving from KL is approximately 6-7 hour . The location of the resort is easy to find since its located just beside the UITM Dungun Terengganu. Its located just beside the Dungun beach. The friendly local people will help you in case you lost your way.

I ask his favour to give his honest review on the resort and his review are as follows..:D

** Inside the room**

With a private entrance, the Garden villa resort include 2 family room with private TV, Dry pantry and a small veranda. It shared a private garden and swimming pool. The garden is huge and perfect for barbecue or "santai activity especially if you bring more than one family. Little children will love the grass and the swimming pool. The " Kampung" environment is cosy and you can have a peaceful night sleep while hearing the breeze of the sea.

** The room side by side**

Food is not included in my package, however according to En. Saiful its very easy to find foods because the resort is surrounded by cheap and delicious restaurant and stalls.So food is not an issue. You can even have a Terengganu original keropok lekor nearby the resort. He highly recommended to try the resort steamboat restaurant for only RM30++ per pax.

** The private Garden aka Laman**

However, he did mention that, the resort management should upkeep their maintenance service, especially the swimming pool cleanliness.Since the resort concept is ala Balinese and they have huge flower pots and ponds everywhere,maybe they can keep little fish to prevent the breed of mosquito.

There you go an honest review from En. Saiful and I thank him for that. For those who want to spent your holiday here, the price with Dianbizzcorner are as FOLLOWS. Kindly book earlier 2-3 weeks especially on School or Public holiday to avoid any interruption.

Until now, have a blast Monday everyone.


  1. I like laa... ba, apa2 hal sia inform ja kau aa. Have to cancel CH. huhuhu..


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