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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Asalamualaikum dan salam satu Malaysia.

After a long holiday I guess everyone semua dah bersemangat untuk meneruskan rutin seharian ya..hehe.. Honestly, I 'm not fully charged yet. Masih 40% mood untuk bercuti, its normal to everyone I guess. Anyway, selamat menjalani rutin seharian..:D

Oh ya, I hope its not to late for me to wish Happy Independence Day to all Malaysian. Hope that our country will blossom with a lot of prosperous and unity. Make Malaysia a better place to stay. Maybe not for us, but we owe it to our children's.

Looks like my CONTEST didn't get a lot of entry as expected. However those who interested, you are welcome to send an entry before 30th September. Still have time there...:D. The contest will still goes on even with poor participating..dah hajat kita nak bagi hadiah kan.. so takakan di tarik balik..:D

Will share with you all my holiday experience in PERTH AUSTRALIA. But I dont have time to write yet..coming back to office and a lot things to do, including my personal things at home. However will try to update as soon as possible.

until now, keep on smiling cause when you smile, the world will smile with you. Happy Sunday everyone.

** Dian @ Hyden Waverock, Perth**


  1. siok nya p perth.. nora, kasi repost balik ur entry for contest.. :)

  2. Hi just,

    How to re-post? just change date ka?. btw, dulu ada satu blog to adverstise the contest kan.. what blog is that ya just.. I forgot hehe..:D


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