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Monday, October 10, 2011

Dian BC Holiday Food Contest -Winners & Prizes.


The winner for my 2nd contest is finalised. First of all, I want to said it's a tough decision since every entry is great. The food, the pictures and even the welfare organization given by the participant were informative enough. I will share with you all on the welfare organization info's later. Cut the story short, the winner for Dian Bizz corner Holiday Food Contest are:-

JUSTCORNER with her ENTRY on her favorite Holiday Food Mee Kolok while she on family vacation at Sarawak last year.

Congrats to Just, thank you for participating. You won your self a 3D2N stay at Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highland! Yipee...:D. Please give me 3 dates for you holiday plan from 1st Nov-4th April 2012. I will check on the date availability and will confirm with you. Don't forget to link back to me on your experience staying there ya..:D

As I promised, everyone will get a prize. Big Thanks to GIVEAWAY, SHORTRETREAT and ERINZ. You got a PRIZE too girls. I hope you like SPA, VOUCHERS and MAKEOVERS. Kindly email to me your particular such as address , contact no etc, so I can send you the gift details. Don't forget to link me back with your stories on the prizes you got.

To my readers, I will share with you on the welfare organization that the participant recommended in case some of you want to Membersihkan jiwa melalui sedekah dan amal jariah. The list are as follows, you can get more info by clicking the link.

1. CLAPAM Organization by Just Corner.
2. Rumah Anak Yatim Shifa by Giveaway.
3. Rumah Anak Yatim Al-Munirah by Short Retreat
4.Rumah Nur Hidayah Muadzam Shah by Erinz

Firman Allah: “Wahai orang beriman, nafkahkanlah sebahagian rezeki yang kami kurniakan kepadamu, sebelum datang hari yang tiada lagi jual beli, tiada lagi persahabatan yang akrab dan tiada lagi syafaat padanya. Dan orang yang kafir itu adalah golongan zalim.”

(Surah al-Baqarah, ayat 254)

Until then, a let me share with you on my favorite quote of winnings:

Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.


  1. Thanks a bunch Nora! You have made my day!!! So happy la!!! Will email you later.. :)

  2. Hi just,

    You are most welcome. Congrats..:-). The other entry semua ok juga, tough decision mau cari winner juga, I have to read and read and ask my husband opinion juga hehe. Btw, nanti give me three date plan on your holiday. Will confirm with you if there's availability. Mayangsari ni, susah sikit ni, kalau last minute mau book.
    paling awal 2-3 minggu sebelum.

  3. wuuhuu... congrats to just.....can't lie that i'm a bit sad for not winning... but.... still happy that i can get a prize too.. thanks kak Nora.... :-)
    you always have a big heart.... huhu...
    enjoy your stay at cameron just... *wink*

  4. Hehe ShortRetreat dear,

    Don't worry, you got your prize too and I hope you love it hehe..:-). Send email to me, I will give you the prize detail.

  5. la.... terlupe nak collect hadiah.. valid lagi tak? huhuhu


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