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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kisah Denggi.

Hi all,

Just want to share with you on Dengue . I bet everyone know about it. Its a small insect yet can cause misery if not prevented.

The Condominium that I stayed now, Bintang Mas Condominium Cheras is popular with Dengue cases. It even out in the paper last October. You can read about it HERE The management of the Condo take efforts by alerting all with posters and even the DBKL comes and do the checking once in 2 week. DBKL reps also come to do fogging in our area every morning and evening. Really bad for the clothes hanging to dry , yet we thank for DBKL effort to solve the matters efficiently. They even have Carnival "Ganyang Denggi" in the effected area in Klang valley.

** Ganyang Denggi campaign at our Condo**

Let Me share with you all out there what is Dengue and how to prevent it, Sebelum tu, Denggi disebabkan oleh Nyamuk Aedes..? Bagaimana nak kenal?

Selepas itu, Apakah tanda2 kita terkena virus Denggi?. Kalau ada tanda2 tersebut cepat-cepat berjumpa doktor jangan berlengah. Tindakan Lambat boleh membawa Maut..

Bagaimana pula caranya kita nak membentras denggi ni?

1. Most Important is- Musnahkan Pembiakan Nyamuk Denggi. Denggi biasanya membiak didalam takungan air.
2. Lindungi diri dengan ubat mencegah nyamuk.
3. Bersihkan kawasan rumah. Persekitaran yang kotor mengundang pembiakan nyamuk Aedes.


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