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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Liese Bubble Hair Colour

Asalamualaikum dan salam Isnin semua..:-)

Monday? arghhhh liatnya nak bangun pagi tadi, but yes hidup mesti diteruskan..hehe berfalsafah pula awal pagi ni. Hows your Monday? ME? psst.. if I can udpate ni means, I have some time to curi tulang hehe..if not, sangatlah super busy. So boleh dikatakan my Monday is so/so lah today..and yes I wanna share with you on one product which I felt very useful.

Anyone of you who do hair colour?. Ok.. I do. Semenjak 2-3 tahun ni, my hair sudah tumbuh uban-uban kecil..oh my...even I'm not that old yet..still the uban-uban sangat memalukan kalau dilihat. Solution? I colour my hair la..hehe

I think most of you out there aware that the price to colour your hair is not cheap nowadays. Last time only RM50-100. Now, you go lah.. ask every salon in KL from the cikai salon to professional salon the price is RM250.00 above. Reason? The price of the colour product is high in the market. Since I did not colour my hair permanently.. I need to re-colour it 2 time in 3 months. I used to use Wella product because some said its halal and not too much chemical. I told myself takpalah.. mahal pun mahal la.. bukan selalu, Sebabnya if I do the colour at home..sangatlah bertompok-tompok. Even I ask my maid to do it for me pun still tak rata juga...so I have no choice than goes to salon. Until I found this product from Japan the Liese Bubble Hair Colour. Apakah keistimewaan product ini? .Its simple step by step, No strong chemical, and its easy to apply just like shampooing your hair and after 30 minutes..yeah.. the colour is done. Without tompok-tompok tidak rata, Sila baca info dibawah, atau CLICK sini.

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Liese Bubble Hair Color is a new type of permanent hair color. Just apply foam on hair and massage. No more troublesome sectioning of hair!.Foam reaches all over the head easily and you can achieve beautiful, evenly colored hair easily!

The bubbles go poof! R&DNew Foam Boost Up is the secret to more beautiful color and smoother hair

Choose From 10 Colors!

From the pink series to the ash series, you can choose your favorite color from our extensive selection. Whether you desire a bright and vibrant color or a more subtle dark tone, we have it all.

  • * This is just a guide to the brightness and shades of the hair colors. Please refer to the actual hair color samples at the store.
  • * Results will vary depending on the shade and lightness of hair before coloring, the hair's condition, room temperature and how long the mixture is left on.

Harganya? Jauh lebih murah dari harga Salon and yes you can do it yourself at home. Boleh didapati di Watson atau Guardian seluruh Malaysia dengan harga RM34.00 sahaja. Murah kan?.


  1. waa... siok ni! my hubby mesti suka! sbb dia mmg suka dye rambut. me still in my black hair. jarang mau dye. klu dye pun highlight seja. huhuh.. but i think i have to go for dye sdh ni. last few days tejumpa few white hairs!! huhuhuhu... gonna try this product! thanks for the info Nora.. :)

  2. Hi Just,

    kalau rambut pindik lagi senang tu mau pakai ni product. Senang macam shampoo ja. Me ada rambut uban bah hehe.. pastu kena tegur lagi tu dei.. hehe thats why I need to dye the hair. But usually warna hitam or brown only.


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