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Friday, November 25, 2011

Phuket Adventure

** Dian, who love the sea**

Asalamualaikum dan Salam satu Malaysia,
At last there’s time for me to update on the Phuket trip which we went last October. Phew, after a month.. I hope I did not forget most of the info’s.
Okay, as I mentioned before ,my trip to Phuket is one of the benefit that I get after the purchase of Mayang Sari Port Dickson .All purchaser will get the Revelation Reward Vouchers and the vouchers need to be use/redeem within 1 year.
As for me, I only use the Holiday Vouchers. To tell you the truth, there’s plenty of vouchers that I did not redeem yet due to the busy schedule of mine, especially during year end. Anyway, Thanks to MayangSari, for the overseas voucher 4D5N. Apart from that, we also entitle to rebate 50% for the airline ticket of 2 person. Berbaloi2 kan?. My brother Adiq tag along, the room is comfy enough for 3 adult and 1 child.
Where do we stay? We stay at Royal Crown Hotel & Spa Phuket. Actually, the agent give me several choices of hotels and he recommended the hotels nearer the Patong beach. Its more happening there he said, YET, the main reason why I choose Royal Crown Hotel which located up in the hills and 5 minutes to Patong beach are..TSUNAMI. Phuket is one of the places hit badly by Tsunami in 2004. More than 4000 tourist died. Even though its already 7 years.. I still felt “ Prevention is better than cure”, if you know what I meant..:-). Beside, the hotel provide a shuttle van to Patong beach every 30 minutes so, its not a big problem if we want to explore the beaches.
*View of the Bungalow from our unit**
We arrived at Phuket International airport on 23rd October at 1.30pm,Phuket time 12.30pm. Kindly note that Phuket is 1 hour early from Malaysia. The journey from LCCT to Phuket is only 1 hour 30 minutes. We were greeted by the bubbly and cheerful representative from the hotel. Her name is “Jira”. Jira was from Pattani and she understand a bit of Malay language. The journey from Phuket International airport to our hotel in Patong Beach is approximately 45 minutes by driving.
On the way to Patong, Jira suggested to us to try some of the activity/ packages provided by the hotels. I’ve read about the places of interest and what to do in Phuket and aware of some info that she tried to deliberate i.e:
1#Shopping quality T-Shirt at Madunan shop in Phuket. You can find cheap and good quality of t-shirt and souveniors here. The items price are cheaper than sold in Phuket town market.
2. # Visit the Gold and Silver factory. We managed to buy silver necklace for Dian with a price of RM105.00. To tell you the truth, the silver price is same as Malaysia. The design also similar.
3. # Go for Elephant Ride for BTH900 approximately RM90 for 30 minutes. The elephant ride will be 30 mins up the hills and and you can see panaromic view of Phuket Island. We tried this and even I've tried elephant ride before, in A-Famosa Resort Malacca, this one totally diffrent because the journey is longer and there's more 'touch ' with the nature and the animal habitat. We enjoy the ride, except, when the elephant stop to urine or 'poo'..it was very smelly !! heheh. Apart from that, its really fun and adventures. I felt pity for the elephant because it have to carry tourist everyday, but the tour guide inform us that, in this modern civilization ,where people and nature live together, its important for them to work along to burst the economy of Phuket by taking each other needs. My two cent?..I think human is manupulative to this poor animal, but who am I to judge?.. As long as the animal is happy, have enough food..its okay for me.
4. # To stop at Kaoran aka Kata View view to experience the wonderful scenary of Phuket Town and Andaman sea.
5. # Visit Prompt Thep Hill to view the fantastic view of Andaman Sea. To go here is a must. This is a You can see a beautiful Sunset here.

** 80% Thais in Phuket are Buddhist**

6# To watch Fantasea Phuket Show. A colorful tale of adventure, fantasy and romance, lavishly spiced with mystery and magic. But words alone cannot define the richness found in many of their customs and traditions. ‘Its best expressed in its most unique and eloquent form through the song and dance and fun loving spirit.
7. # # For those who lave extraordinary things, you can try watch the Simon Cabaret show. Phuket is known for its transexsual acceptance, this show might open your eyes...:D
** Wierd Services aka Spices in Phuket ( Macam2 Ada..) **
8 # 8# For those who DARE, There will be a show called 'Tiger Show"( Aiyoo..this one we refused to go hehe.Takda berani oo.. nanti dapat Dosa kering )
Apart from that, Phuket also famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and heaven for snorkerling dan diving. If you a beach lover like us, you can take the package from the hotel. Its easier to take it from the hotel compare to individual agent. Its a little bit expensive yet Its save.
** Hubby and Little Dian enjoying sea**
Ph9#Phi Phi Island (package) This is where Leonardo di Caprio shoot The Beach film in year 2000. To go there, you can choose to take ferry or speed boat, the journey from Andaman ferry terminal is 48 minutes and if by Speed boat is only 25 minutes. We decide to choose by ferry to enjoy the journey. You need to pay BTH1000 for per pax and for 50% discount for children. The price for 3 adult plus 1 child are BTH 3500, which is RM350.00.The package includes return ferry ticket, foods and beverages in the ferry, Snorkeling at Maya Island and Lunch at princes restaurant in phi phi island and Phi Phi Bay.

** Captured by Hubby on the way to Phi-Phi Island**
10# Another Phuket gems to die for are, James Bond Island Packages. Its located at Charming Province Phang Nga Bay, in southern Thailand. This island has become reputable in James Bond Film "The Man with the Gun" in 1974. You can see the beautiful scenary at several caves and lagoon by canoeing. Its amazing. There will be 3 island and several caves to explore in this packages. BTH1800-2000 per pax depends on the package offered. Children will get 50% discount and the package includues tickets ferry and buffet lunch.
** Snorkeling..yeay!! its our favorite activity**
11#Phuket was surrounded by happening night time activity and beach party. There is 5 beach surrounded phuket. Including one of NATURIST / NUDE beach. We didn’t manage to go there...WELL..its not healthy for the kids..haha.
12. As a Muslim, Its very-very hard to get Halal food here. We starving at the first day we come here. Eventhough its stated No Pork restaurant, but its still you have to follow your heart right?,. The tour guide inform us some of the famous Halal restaurant in Phuket, but mostly is Labanese and Arabic. Not a very good chemistry for me who have Asean taste. On teh 3rd day, we managed to get one Halal Restaurant called San Sabai Restaurant. The Tomyam in superbs and I highly recomended it to Muslim who travel here. Its located at the Patong Beach.
** This restaurant are highly recommended to Muslim travel in Phuket**

Oh ya, some addition of infos, we rent a car to explore the island. Its easy driving here. A lot of signboard written in English. Very different from the other island of Thailand we've been before , Koh Samui. We rent a car "Toyota Vios" arrange by the guide. For 2 days we pay BTH1600 approximately RM80 per day.

** Hubby & Brother **

Phuket also famous for its SPA and Massage. I've tried a Thai Massage package from the Hotel. Its was so refreshing plus with the Sauna and Milk bath plus Rose petals.I really felt rejuvenate!. And Its cheap too. The packages is only RM40 per hour. I took 2 hour..wah.. its heaven. You should try their packages when you come here. Berbaloi2.
** I took some time pampering myself with their beauty package**
If you asked me will I comeback to Phuket again? My answer is YES. Because, Its nearby, and I love the nature and the snorkeling. We also have beautiful beaches here in Malaysia, yet its no harm to taste the sea and beaches from another country. Its affordable and comfy here i Phuket.
Thank you again to Mayang Sari and Revelation Reward for the vouchers...:D. Btw, the booking for our Hotel acomodattion for next year is opened. Anyone of you want to get cheap price for 2 room apartment in Mayang sari hotel and resort branches, give me the date now...:D.
I would like to apologize to some order that I cant process due to last minute time given. Kindly give me your date 3 weeks earlier to avoid dissapointment.
Until now, have a nice day everyone. CHEERS.


  1. thanks for all the info Nora. Will surely tgk balik these info if we are going to phuket one day.. :)

  2. You are most welcome just hehe. Kami pun mau balik sana lg ni. That day inda puas jalan2.

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