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Monday, November 14, 2011

Picture with thousand Words.

I was busy with work and KPI thingy this couple of weeks. Year end approaching so I bet everyone is busy. I went to work early and back a bit late sometime. My little one ask me everyday, "mummy what time you finished work today?". Usually I will say "InsyaAllah 6 or 7pm mummy already home. Like always." She kept asking and since she have HP already, sometime she will call to ask the same question . ( I guess maybe because her father is away to Turkmenistan for work for almost 2 weeks now and our current maid is jenis yang berat mulut and she was boring). As Insan yang lemah (heheheh) I sometime tired and ignore her question because I've been telling her so many-many time already.

Then, when my colleague email me this PICTURE today, My heart touched. I quickly call my daugther and tell her InsyaAllah if I back early I'm gonna bring her to Taman to play. She sound sooo happy, and yess I think despite or the " mengada-ngada manja",I know all that she wants is attentention from me. I promised to myself, will never ignore her question even I have to answer it a thousand time. That's Mother Love are, without barrier. Don't you agree?..

Until now, I'm happy enough to get some sale for Equatorial Hotel Cameron and A-Famosa recently. It can cover my installment for 3 months. Thank you, you know who you are..:-)

Have a blast Tuesday you all..will update more soon. Oh ya, I want to sell some of my used stuff. Will update pics soon..


  1. salam kak nora... bole bg fb akak tak.. erin nak buat confirmtaion ttng a famamosa yg erin da booking lama dlu (rm100). my email (yahoo) de problem la....
    lg pon snang lg nk cntct gne fb

  2. salam erinz..the confirmation tu tak confrim kan?. Sebabnya I remember I ask you to give me the date, tapi pastu you senyap..hehe. Ok my fb is Diansnorazie. Oh ya no hp erin apa ya?


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