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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MayangSari Port Dickson is OPEN!

** Mayangsari Port Dickson **

** Walking distance to private beach**

Asalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia all,

Mayangsari Port Dickson Joint Owner unit is Opened and launched recently. That's mean the booking for next year for PD are open..Yeay. If you wish to know better on Mayangsari PD, kindly click HERE. I wrote a review on the unit before, to refresh you on that, kindly click HERE.

Therefore, the price for the 2 room Apartment are as follows:-

RM 120.00 per night ( Limited only )- Booking to be made before March 2012, Minimum 2N.

RM 250.00 per night - Booking to be made before Sept 2012 ( No limit)

RM280 per night ( No Limit)

Kindly give us the date 3 weeks earlier and we will send you a Quotation /Invoice followed by the receipt of payment if you agree to book. You will received the Reservation confirmation after the payment of the 50% deposit and the balance only to be paid to us 2 weeks before the date of check in. Kindly note that these price is based on Owner price, if you direct to Mayangsari itself, the price will be slightly different.

So make your choice, Plan your holiday early, Fill up the order form with your details and email to us at dianbizzcorner@gmail.com or you can contact me direct at 016-2764527.

Until now, have a Nice Wednesday all :-)


  1. Congrats on the ready unit in PD Nora.. ba, nnt sia inform ja kalau mau p rilek2 aa.. :)

  2. Hi just,.yes finaly its opened. Bah just inform me if you to jalan2 Pd k Nearby beach qnd they have huge swimmingpool. I bet yje kids wil like it. Furthermore,.dekat ja tu from Kl. Drive one hour plus sudah sampai hehe

  3. Betul ke apartment baru dah buka?
    Saya tengok yang lama saja buka, under new management...

  4. Salam Zack,

    Apartment yang lama telah ditutup untuk jangkamasa pembaikan daripada April 2011. Apartment yang baru masih menunggu CF approval. Maaf atas kelewatan dan kekeliruan dari pihak Management Mayangsari.


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