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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hi all,

I'm Organizing another contest. This called Dian Bizz Corner TRIP ADVISOR CONTEST.
Tell Me as a Trip Advisor based on Holiday that you went to, (Tak kiralah dalam negara atau luar negara), describe the Tips not more than 25 words plus 1 pictures of the place that you been to.

To Join is Easy:-

* Be My Follower
* Introduce min 3 new follower to my Dian Bizz Corner
* Paste the Banner to your Blog
* Link The Entry to my Dian Bizz Corner.

The Contest start today and End 1st July 2012. So you have time to Plan your Year End Holiday.

Ok I give some Example on the entry ya, contohnya lebih kurang begini :D

" Memory Lake Toba Medan in 2011. To avoid 'Macet" and long 5 Hours drive, use Amplas Highway, Step into Batak land only in 3 hours"

** Mesmerizing Lake Toba Medan**

Hah..Contoh pun dah ada, so send your entry now ( Either in Bahasa Malaysia and English, if you want to go to Jakarta, MayangSari Cameron, PD or A-Famosa.



  1. wow!!! drooling owhh!! hehheeh.. btw, "describe the Tips not more than 25 words plus 1 pictures".. Tips means Trips??

  2. Its a Tips of the Trips. Example, when I go to Danau Toba Medan, to avoid the long hours 5-6 driving, you can use the Amplas Highway, which take only 3 hours than using Brastagi. Then pls include.one pic of the Danau Toba..

    Because i believe when we go somewhere, we learn something. Thats the idea. Bah..joinlah. Jakarta sudah open..hehe

  3. nak join... tgh perah otak ni.. tunggu dekat2 due date baru submit kot..

  4. Salam Syima,

    Penyertaan di alu2kan. Tolong war-warkan ya thanks...:-)

  5. salam.. berminat nih. nak submit kat mane yer? post komen kat sini je? boleh ke sorang hantar banyak tips? :)

  6. Salam Cheramiche,

    Sorry for the late reply. You can blog about the trips and tips, after that komen kat sini..and Link the entry here. Dont forget to put my banner in your blog and help me by introduce 3 new followers to me.

    Btw, only one Tips dear per pax dear. Thanks ya..


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