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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Strange Sound from the Sky.

Have you all heard about this Strange Sound from the Sky that happened recently in Kota Samarahan Sarawak?. I've made some google-ing and seems that the sound is all over the world. Sewaras-waras manusia pun, kita pasti akan pelik jika dengar sesuatu seperti ini. Tertanya-tanya, what is that?...apakah maksudnya, apakah petandanya?. Thinking of it saja buat bulu roma berdiri. Anyway, I believe that everything happened for a reason. There must be an explanation about it scientifically or secara rohaniah. Kepada semua, inilah masa untuk kita mendekatkan diri dengan"Dia" yang Maha Esa , keluarga dan orang-orang tersayang. Just my 2 cent opinion..I'm not that perfect either but Sharing is Caring kan..:-)

To Read More about this, Please Click this LINK on the Samarahan Video & Article. On the Similar Sound around the world please Click HERE.I also share with you a point and experience from one of this Blogger Lah14.

Anyway, Salam Khamis semua. Saya Kurang sihat hari ini. Kepada yang akan bercuti panjang this Chinese New Year, Rancang perjalanan awal, dan berhati-hati di Jalan Raya. Have a blast weekend plus Holiday all. InsyaAllah.

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