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Friday, March 9, 2012

Visiting South & Singapore 2012

** Dian with Kungfu Panda**
My husband and I had planned visiting south this year. As usual when both of us getting vitamin B, one part our ‘Nazar’ is to bring our parents for holiday. Last time we bring them to Medan. This year planning to go to Bali at first, but when we try to book the flight ticket 2 months earlier, its way too expensive and limited seat. So I suggest bringing them to Phuket, since its only 45 minute by air from Kuala Lumpur and we’ve been there and we love the place, but hubby said, his father might love to go to Singapore. So, off Singapore we go. It’s all a last minute plan, so hubby prefers driving. He asks me to be his co-pilot hahaha... I only managed to drive 2 hours, after that I’m tired huhu. Oh FYI, a standard drive from KL to JB approximately 5 hours. If you didn’t stop and maintain you speed at 120-160 KM you might reached there only by 3 hours. But, since we bring children and elderly, we prefer slow and steady and enjoy the journey.
We stayed at Hotel 11th Century Johor Bharu. Its located 15 minute from Woodland checkpoint (entry to Singapore). On the first day arrived in JB we went to Marina Bay and just driving around to jalan2 cari makan in JB. My friend told me there’s a place called “ Nasi Goreng Bawah Tangga” at Stulang area. But we seem can’t find it..and manage to have our dinner at Banafee restaurant nearby the hotel. The food?..boleh tahanlah..:-)
On 2nd day early morning, we start our journey to Singapore. At first, we wanted to go by bus and parked our car in JB central plaza. However, again, thinking of our beliau2, we decided to drive. The immigration & custom process to enter Singapore took us ½ hours. Of course our Malaysian Immigration is a quickie, but we still stuck in Singapore booth since we need to fill up some forms and to purchase the Auto-pass card called EZ Card. (this card equivalent to Touch N go). You can use to pay parking and have smooth access thru Singapore with this card PLUS if you have any traffic offense recorded by their CCTV during your visit there, they will deduct the summon automatically from the card. See...how clever is Singaporean, so they will not have a difficulty to give you a summon after you left the country. I wonder if this can be implemented in Malaysia. If Singaporean speeding in our country, how are we going to summon them after they go back?..of course can...but well it will be a bit slow rite?
One More thing I notice about Singaporean, to avoid traffic jam, they implemented the ERP system (Electronic Road Pricing). If you aware that Singaporean vehicle car plat no have several colors. There is Red, Green, Yellow and Red..this is specifically for this system. To know more on ERP system in Singapore please click HERE.
A tiny little surprise in Singapore is the way Singaporean dry clothes. Singaporeans stick washing poles into the holes under the windows, which means they use poles at angles to windows and there is no support at the other end of the poles. Is there any careless Singaporean who drops the pole with heavy dump clothes by mistake? Isn't it dangerous if such a careless Singaporean lives at the top floor of high rise buildings ?. But maybe due to the limited space and a flat without balcony create the situation, but..I think every Singaporean afford to buy dryer...Just my 2 cent. No hard feeling ya.
Ok, despite all that, Singapore indeed a clean country compare to Malaysia. It’s reminds me of our trip to Perth Australia in 2011.We a bit lost on the way to Universal Studio..It seems that No Signboard to Universal Studio in the city. Even the GPS can’t help much. After an hour’s driving, we decide to ask people. They told us that to go to Universal Studio, we need to find a signboard to go to Pulau Sentosa. No wonder lah.. we couldn’t find it hehehe. Its only took us 10 minutes to find Pulau Sentosa to enter Universal studio.
Universal studio is FUN!.. I love the Steven Spielberg Studio and all entertainment there, it’s a surprise the place didn’t pack during CNY. I guess that mostly Singaporean went for holiday or stay at home to celebrate ‘Makan besar’. However, there is a game that we can’t play because we bring the Beliau2. But we have so much fun there taking picture and enjoying the show. Oh ya, Universal Studio Ticket price are as follows:
We go during peek day and its RM185 per adult and RM135 per child. Agak mahal sedikit, but if you go on normal day it will be slightly cheaper.
** Steven Spielberg special effect show**
** Sekitar Universal Studio**
We have to rush out after 5-6 hours inside, because it’s shopping time. I made some survey in the internet about shopping place in Singapore. It’s best if you go Lucky plaza and Bugis Street. My main attention is to borong perfume. Cheap perfume and it’s original too. The way they sold the perfume is not as classy as we here in Malaysia because they just put it in a Rack not inside a tempered glass in KLCC.. but the price is cheaper, I think in some shop you can get 50% cheaper than Malaysia.
Apart from cheap perfume, others thing is a bit pricey. RM1.00 is equivalent to SGD 2.40. But there’s a lot off affordable place if you know how to survey. We reached Johor Bharu late night. It’s tired but Fun. We will comeback there insyaAllah in May. Tak puas rasanya ..:D
Btw, anyone of you out there watch Lawak Ker Der in Istana Budaya? I watch it recently on Astro. When comedian Harith Iskandar mention about crossing road in Singapore, believe it or not the situation happened to me personally. I'm about to cross the road to top up the Ez card at 7 eleven across the road, when a Singaporean stop me and ask me to use the crossing line. Oh Gosh.. when I watched the comedy, I laugh my heart out!!. Yes that is Singapore everyone, we should learn from them on implementing their system. I was impress. Hey, who said holiday i to jalan2 only?.. we learns something new even how small it is.
Tajaan Penaja - Btw,I would like to remind you on my Trip Advisor Contest that will end on 1st July 2012. Come and join ya..:D. I will might need to extend or change the prizes if there is not encouraging participations ( so kalau boleh tolong war2kan). But the prizes will not disappoint you..InsyaAllah.

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  1. Can't wait to enter USS. I found someone thru mudah.com selling cheap uss ticket which only cost us RM155/pax (peak season)! :)


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