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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day 2012

I Hope Its Not Too Late For Me To Wish Every Mum Out There A Very Happy Mothers Day. I Was So Busy and My Blogs Are Kept Un-attended  For Some Time, But This Blog Is Still Active Ya..:-D . I'll Try My Best To Update.. Insya Allah.

Puisi Ke Makam Bonda -  By  Sasterawan Usman Awang.

 Kami mengunjungi pusara bonda
Sunyi pagi disinari suria
Wangi berseri pusara kemboja
Menyambut kami mewakili bonda

Tegak kami di makam bonda
Lalang-lalang tinggi berdiri
Dua nisan terkapar mati
Hanya papan dimakan bumi

Dalam kenangan kami melihat
Mesra kasih bonda meratap
Sedang lena di dalam rahab
Dua tangan kaku berdakap

Bibir bonda bersih lesu
Pernah dulu mengucup dahiku
Kini ku rasakan kasihnya lagi
Meski jauh dibatasi bumi

Nisan batu kami tegakkan
Tiada lagi lalang memanjang
Ada doa kami pohonkan
Air mawar kami siramkan

Senyum kemboja menghantar kami
Meninggalkan makam sepi sendiri
Damailah bonda dalam pengabdian
Insan kerdil mengadap Tuhan 

Begitu bakti kami berikan
Tiada sama bonda melahirkan
Kasih bonda tiada sempadan
Kemuncak murni kemuliaan insan

I've learn about this Poem while I'm in school. I don't remember when, but I think its around 1994 when I'm taking my SPM. I'm not in Art Stream yet I remember our BM teacher read this to us.. It was a touching Poem. Alhamdulilah that nowadays My Mum are still healthy and living a life in our simple Kampung in Sabah. Its time for her to relax after working for so long..even though I was so far away from home, I always felt she with me, close to my Heart. To those who mothers is not here anymore, PRAY for her..since that's the most precious gift to a mother soul.

Pesan Penaja:-P

Meanwhile Thanks to Nor Yannie, Eliza, Mr. Lee and En. Sham & Family for the Purchase of PD Mayang Sari & Mahkota Malacca . Do contact me if you guys still interested to rent the apartment for Holidays with a very Cheap Price..:-). However, kindly make early booking..2-3 weeks earlier from the date ya.. since this is a Joint Owner Scheme, There's other Owner might made to booking for the same date especially school Holiday. So, if any plan, kindly inform me thru Email Dianbizzcorner1@gmail.com, or H/P 016-2764527 or maybe just drop a message in my shout out or comments section.  I will get back to you as soon as possible..InsyaAllah.

Until now, Cheers..:-)

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