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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Datuk Lee Chong Wei, A Malaysian Hero!

Salam all,

Who watched Olympic Final Badminton last night? To tell your the truth I didn't. I was in my room while my hubby and my neighbour cheering for LCW. I watch another channel but deep in my heart, I'm hoping LCW win and bring Gold Medal for Malaysia. I close my eyes but my ear open wide. You know...I'm not really into competition. I'm scared on risk. Terrible me!. But deep in my heart I pray he won, but if not come on...he tried his best. Its annoying to hear people complaint here and there about LCW, when them itself don't even know how to swing badminton racket..! At first round, I hear a loud cheering.. I went out and ask my hubby, is He won?. Hubby said yes, First match..2 to go. Okay.. at list he show a great showmanship.

On 2nd round and after, I hear a long silent. I know that he lost. After the game, my hubby went to sleep and tell me, LCW got silver, its a close win for Lin Dan. Only few marks. I told him, Not rezeki yet for Malaysia to get Gold. But its not easy for Datuk Lee Chong Wei to get silver. He had try his best!, and He is STILL a Malaysian Hero. At list we have Medal...Hello! More  News on Olympic London click HERE.
 ** See? We in the list baby..we in the list. Thanks to LCW**

This morning I saw few picture of him cried and it touch my heart. Who are more Malaysian, we or him?. One thing for sure, he is the true Malaysian and he is our Hero. Malaysia Boleh!

** Frustrated. But not for himself, he think of all Malaysian dream and hope.**
** Don't be sad Datuk  LCW..you still a Malaysian Hero, Congrats!**

Salam Ramadan ke 18 semua. To all Muslim, Selamat Menyambut NUZUL QURAAN. Selangor cuti today, but I'm working in KL..hehehe..Surely jam today because Selangor people datang shopping KL. Happy Shopping all.


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