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Friday, October 19, 2012

Go KL Bus Experience.

Salam all,

When my colleague tell me about there's a new transport service launch by Government especially for city centre, and if I can join her to Pavilion to buy a gift for her daughter using the bus service, the first thing caught in my mind are, well...I've not using bus for a long time already. Of course I'm using Public Transport due to my fear in driving..but its only LRT and Taxis.

I told her, "why not", I want to experience the services. Maybe it will be convenience for me if I want to drop by Pavilion once in a while straight from the office. So today, off we go. Our office in jalan Tun Razak and the bus stop is only 5 minute walk which is in front of Citibank Building. The first stop is KLCC and I found that a lot of people who works around MCA building and Citibank using the Bus to go for lunch in KLCC or in Bukit Bintang. Despite the Jam due to lunch hour, we arrive at Pavilion less than 20 minute. We even pass some Monorail station which I found is convenience for people who want to go home using Monorail or STAR transit. 

For those who don't know, the Go KL bus provide 2 line which is, Green Line and Purple line.

The Purple line will go from Pavilion/ Bukit Bintang Area to Central Market. Which I found very good for tourist also to explore the city. 

Each bus will provide easy accessibility for the disabled, such as wheelchair ramps.A free Wi-Fi connection is also provided for the convenience of tech savvy commuters.The GO-KL service also boasts a frequency of five minutes and dedicated bus lanes have been introduced to help achieve this.Key to the success of an efficient bus lane system is strict enforcement.

A joint enforcement team comprising the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Road Transport Department (JPJ) and the KL City Hall (DBKL) will conduct checks and issue summons on those who abuse the bus lanes. CCTVs will also be installed on-board all city buses and enforcement cameras will be placed at strategic locations. 

** The bus also clean, and have wifi**

This is A good step by Government to promote tourism in the country.Kudos to our Government for the generosity..:-D. Btw, I heard that Taxi Driver not very Happy with this Go KL bus. if you ask me personally I will said serve them right for charging to much fare to tourist and even didn't use meter. I hope the taxi driver in KL especially will change their way of doing business. This is a lesson, if they didn't use meter next time, there will always other alternative to go around the city..:-D
For those who want to explore the Kuala Lumpur free and easy, why not use GoKL bus services..Its worthed.
Happy Friday all, have a blast weekends.

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