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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Bring it ON..:-)

Salam and hello everybody,

Hope its Not too late to wish you all a Happy New year 2013. How's your days so far? Me?..Our little sweet pie of my heart, enroll to primary 1 already. We are busy with the preparation and the implementation. Phew, its not easy as it  look, now I know how busy our parents enrolling us to school last time. I only have one child for the moment yet so many thing to be done. Salute to other parents that have to handle more than 1 child to school. However its a bless. Its the sweet price of being parents. I'm glad.

2013 comes and so does the holidays in your calendar. Beside you can start planning already for 2013 vacation. So why wait, Do contact me at:

dianbizcorner1@gmail.com or Norazie77@hotmail.com 
for more inquiry on the Apartment & price.

As for now, may this year bring you more wonderful and prosperous  journey and challenges. 2013, Bring it On Baby..:-)


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