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Monday, January 14, 2013

3D2N Mayang Sari Cameron Highland Apartment.

Hi there,

Wanted to go for a  Short Holiday to Cameron Highland Pahang Darul Makmur during this long holiday?  We have 3D2N of  3 Room Apartment @ Mayangsari Equotorial for grab . Intrested? Email me @ Norazie77@hotmail or Dianbizzcorner1@gmail.com  for Price and Details before 18.1.2013. You can bring your family and friends too since the Apartment is spacious. To know more on MayangSari Cameron kindly click HERE

Notes: kindly aware this accommodation is an Apartment and Not an Hotel. If You want a 5 star Hotel accommodation, kindly find yourself one with a price that you can afford. We offer a reasonable price for a reasonable accommodation.



  1. mami dian, napa tu picture ndak dikasi besar? kasi size extra large..baru puas hati. hehehe...

  2. Hi Sis,
    Sorry baru ternampak the mesej hehe. Oh ya, gambarnya memang size gitu. Nda tau mau kasi besar. But I do have some gambar yang lebih jelas from my penyewa yg sewa sana. Nantilah di upload. Belum ada kesempatan..:-)


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