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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bromo Vs Ijen Adventure 2013

Salam semua,

Sorry for not updating so long. I don't have much time to draft anything. Quite busy with life and work. However, the business still on. Alhamdulilah I manage to get some sale even though I did not do marketing. I'm fail in marketing hehehe. Btw thanks to those who rent the apartments from me. I received  a new announcement  from Mayangsari management last 1st March  that, any joint owner client that wish to rent the apartments must stay minimum 2 nights. So guys, I couldn't approve for one night anymore ya. If you wish to rent, it must be minimum 2 nights. However the price is still Negotiable. PM me at my email  dianbizzcorner1@gmail.com, or norbabyz@yahoo.com for booking. Kindly be reminded again that, it must be 2 weeks earlier from the date you wants to check in. First come first serve, I'm not the only owner and the competition is hectic especially Public Holidays.

Oh ya, I join a company trip expedition last two week at Surabaya. Will update detail on my personal blog later InshaAllah. As for now I share with you some of the beautiful scenery we capture during the tour.
 ** Sunrise view from Panajakan Mount Bromo and Semeru Surabaya**
 ** Sunrise@ Panajakan Bromo**
 ** Surabaya town night view from Mount Ijen 2800 meter high**
** The happy climber**

Anyone of you or maybe your company that interested to go for this tour can contact En. Redza at 0122647479. He is the Malaysian tour representative for  PT Global Venture.

So that's all for now. Wishing you all a happy Friday plus weekends. In respect to my multiracial and multi faith family and friends, I would like to wish them a a happy Good Friday. Sabah & Sarawak Public Holiday today.

Until now,



  1. company trip pula tu nora! waa... sioknya!

  2. Iya just.
    First time kasi tinggal my dotter sama maid ja dirumah for few days. Sebab my husband pun di Mynamar. Hari kedua baru dia dapat balik. Kesian my dotter. But its amazing experience lah..sebab paling last saya naik gunung pun umur 16-17 tahun. So kesemputan la banyak adui. Nanti ada masa saya want to blog detail on my personal blog. Entah bila la tu kan hehehe.


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