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Friday, June 7, 2013

Update on Mayangsari and Salam Nifsu Syaaban 2013.

Salam and Hi all,
First of all, I would like to thanked to those whom rent the MayangSari apartment during school holiday recently. I would like to apologize to whom who call but no room available since its School holiday and as I told before kindly book 1 month earlier to avoid disappointment, especially during public holiday and school holiday. For those who ask. my price didn't change for peek days/period since I'm not selling this to get benefits (untung) . Since traveling is my passion for me its just as side income. If you all lucky you will get the room if not, sincere apology from me. And one more thing, I will not entertain back-off customer.  When we already send the invoice to you, you need to pay 50% deposit to book the apartment, and the balance will only be paid one week before check in after your got your confirmation slip from Mayangsari. From now on I will only entertain  serious buyers.
The latest update, I still receive a call asking if they can stay 1 night. As I mention in my previous post, Mayangsari policy for Joint owner scheme  2013 will only entertain for minimum 2 nights. So, even if I want to the Mayangsari management will not approve. I've been told that, this policy meant to balance the schedule of the others owner booking arrangement. So kindly take note ya.
Others update is  the MayangSari Port Dickson  new block that we bought has opened but not to public yet. They give chance to owner to stay there by rotation and mine will be on July. I will write the review after I stay there InshaAllah.
last but not least sedar tak sedar, we reached the Syaaban Month. That means..Ramadan will come soon. Alhamdulilah we've given a chance to meet the holy month again.  Kepada yang muslim sudahkah anda menganti puasa anda?. Honestly, I'm not done mine..Hopefully I can finished it during Syabaan month. Pada bulan Syaaban ini berbanyaklah puasa Sunat. InshaAllah akan mendapat kebaikan.

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